The Ruthenian Observer

Why Ruthenian Mark influence national policy and

why the Royal Court celebrates.

This week preceding the Carnival celebrations, a holiday that is very famous in Brazil, but that is informal in Ruthenia, many emotions were seen in our kingdom.

The Minister of Finance submitted to the General Assembly the law that created the national currency, the Ruthenian Mark. Approved unanimously, Ruthenia stop using the Real and the Euro. However, the General Assembly has conditioned the effectiveness of the law to the regulation and operation of a national bank. We won another symbol, the currency, which does not have design, but the value can mean huge gains… Or terrible future losses to the national economy. It is speculated that a Ruthenian Mark will have the value of a pound, but this was not confirmed by the Ministry of Finance.

But it was not only the economy that has been said in…

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